Deaf guy 

I’m Johan Cornelissen, an autonomous artist from the Netherlands with a  background  in music and technology.

I’m focused on chaos, order and the way it presents itself or

the way we tend to experience it,

(for instance: the butterfly-effect, the swarming-behavior,

path of least resistance and repetitive shapes in nature).

I’m a  supporter  of keeping the daily charges low, being less consumerist needy, taking care of your belongings and

enjoy (the big trip called) life while it lasts.

I really enjoy the small things while living close 

to my countryside roots. Step-by-step I try to live more self-sustainable and  devote  my life to family, friends and art.

I  create  synth-art for a group of fanatics (yes maybe you) and currently most of my artistic outings are within

the eurorack modular format, (which is a great canvas to experiment and explore within).

The current line of work I’m creating is all about  control & chaos ,

were some creations lean more to one side or the other or have a bit of both.

I experiment with manageable and narrowed down concepts were every creation tells its own story but also plays a part in a bigger story, (a universe on its own). The goal is always to make intriguing storytelling electronic instruments,

for the one daring and willing to try something different. I do tend to leave the user a bit ‘blanco’ to  encourage  exploration and curiosity, interpret and make assumptions. …I will not leave you hanging, all my products do come with a manual or

an extra informative webpage. (If your struggling or have a question, just send me an email, I’m here to help).

As I worked the field as engineer for studios and also attending mainly sound design courses within college I was somewhat unfortunate as I became
 deaf  in one-ear. It felt a bit like being a starting cuisine chef trying to work with one-arm.

I had a big decision to make, keep working within this field of expertise or switch to another. I decided to keep true to my passion and see what it would bring me. For the past 4 a 5 years I’m  branched  towards art-installations, exhibitions, live-performances and synth-art creations…while I feel honored to presently get invited in beautiful places within Europe.

these  terms  I do find fitting for the creations I make:
minimalism, simplism, neo-romantic, exploration and bittersweet.


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