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"Chaotic gate creator"


Plug in a cable to change the chaotic gate creator's behavior.


Eight cross-wired NAND-gates acting as inverters shape the core of the chaotic gate creator,

which can create rhythmic coherent pulses, various noise bursts and bring self-oscillated tones from its In/Outs.


The In/Outs allow for further 'bending' of the circuitry,

no designated I/O's gives its user a lot of freedom in sonic exploration.


Mix in signals, bend parts of the circuitry or even plug in a cable to change the chaotic gate creators behavior.


Short functional description:

(top to bottom)

Leds, display timing NAND circuitry;

Potmeters I -V, timing NAND circuitry;

In/Outs. I - V, free patchable points;

Audio, audio output.


Created as an ode to Error Instruments - Hard Candy

Learn more about its capabilities -> CLICK HERE

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